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Our Recovery Program

For patients coming to Philadelphia from out of town to have surgery with Dr. Rumer, we offer a recovery program that gives you the safety and peace of mind you need after surgery.

With the recovery program, you can choose to stay at Dr. Rumer’s private recovery facility or at a local hotel. The facility houses Dr. Rumer’s practice and home on the first and second floors, and three guest rooms on the third floor.

Patients will be seen by Dr. Rumer and/or her Nurse Practitioner every day while in the recovery program. The cost is $95/day, including your stay at the recovery facility. (If you choose to stay at a hotel, add the cost of accommodations.)

When I got back to the recovery center after surgery, Dr. Rumer’s staff gave me a number that I could call at any time to get a hold of them if I had any questions, concerns, or issues during recovery. It was so nice to just be a phone call away from a medical professional during the duration of my stay. It made me feel safe and eased my anxiety.

Top Surgery Patient

Each of the private guest rooms at Dr. Rumer’s recovery facility is large and has a full-size bed, futon, a flat screen TV with basic cable service, WIFI, a ¾ size refrigerator/freezer and a microwave oven.

Dr. Rumer's Recovery ProgramThere are many restaurants nearby that deliver, plus a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s within walking distance. The facility is short walk (under 5 minutes) from the SEPTA (local regional rail) and AMTRAK train station.

One guest may stay on-site with the patient to assist them during their recovery. Typically, patients check-in the day before their surgery and check-out 9 days later if GRS is performed or 3 days after Top Surgery. (Length of stay after FFS varies.)